Somalia: Underage minority girl raped and knifed as video showed

iftineducation.com – A group of boys raped a young underage girl from minority subclan by cutting her with knife and threatening her to kill.
They undressed here and video photographed their evil action to release the footage on social media. 
In the video one of the attackers shouting that he want to kill her.
She was knifed at the back when she rejected to surrender for forceful sex.
After mistreating her the boys photographed themselves with Unconscious and terrified girl of approximately 14 or 15 years old age. 
While the attackers hail from armed subclan in the regional state of Puntland and known as Leilkase of the larger Darod clan the girl is believed to be from minority clan of Madhibaan.
“Maybe she was attacked because of her clan are less armed and she is defenseless,” said a reporter who is well known for defending the rights of minority, woman and children. 
“The armed rapist knew that there will be no action against them whether legal or clan retaliation,” he said.
There was outcry by many people but so far the authorities there took no action.

There is report in Puntland that say the elders of the rapist want to pay small cash and their attackers will not to prosecuted for the heinous crime they committed.
By Dahir Alasow