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10 ka wadan ee aduunka ugu yar ayaan idiin soo bandhigeynaa iyo sida ay kalimaha u kala galeen

bal liiska hoose ka aqriso adaa yaabayo ma amineysid wadamaan ineey jiraan xitaa kkkkkkkk

1. Vatican City 0
2. Monaco 2
3. Nauru 21
4. Tuvalu 26
5. San Marino 61
6. Liechtenstein 160
7. Saint Kitts and Nevis 261
8. Maldives 298
9. Malta 316
10. Grenada 344
NOTE: Country rankings of the type presented below cannot pretend to be definitive; instead they aspire only to provide the reader with an approximation of the high and low ends on a particular scale. Country data vary enormously depending on the sources, and the absence of reliable data on some countries requires their omission, which further skews the results. Only countries for which statistics were available in sources 1 and 2 figure in these lists. *Size refers to the total area of a country, which includes the land area plus bodies of water.Sources: 1. The World Factbook. 2. U.S. Census Bureau, International Database.