Father accidentally kills his son when he falls on top of him and breaks the child’s NECK while messing around in a supermarket

iftineducation.com – Shocking footage has emerged of a father playing with his son in a supermarket before he accidentally crushed him.
CCTV shows the man holding hands with the little boy whilst he played and hung of his father from behind in Guangzhou, China.

Warning some readers may find this footage disturbing. 

Just after the youngster swings off his father’s arms the man loses his balance and falls on top of him catching his neck.

The tragic accident, reportedly aired by the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, has been shared all over social media in China in a bid to warn parents of the dangers of playing like this with smaller children.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that despite a woman quickly helping the man get up, the boy suffered a broken neck and is believed to have later died in hospital. 

According to South China Morning via Guangzhou Television, a paediatrician said: ‘In the video, the man’s entire weight was on the upper body of the child, including the boy’s head and neck.

‘The child might have suffered a cervical fracture.’

Source : dailymail