Fanaanka Cabdi Fitaax Yare oo Beeniyay in uu fanka ku soo laabtay Been abuur

iftineducation.com – Fanaan Abdifatah Yare oo Beeniyey in uu Fanka ku soo noqday sheegayna ..

Shaley ayey aheyd Hiiraan24.com ay baahisay in Abdifatah Yare uu hees cusub lasoo saarey fanaaniinta Ikraan Caraale iyo Abdikhaaliq Siraad, isla mar ahaantaana uu fanka kusoo noqdey kadib markii uu 2014-ka ka baxey kana towbad keenay.
Haddaba Cabdifataax Maxamed Tacabbir (Abdifatah Yare) ayaa aad uga xumaadey heesta cusub ee la faafiyay iyo warkii ahaa in uu dib ugu soo noqdey fanka, waxa uuna boggiisa Facebook soo dhigay qoraal kooban oo uu ku beeninayo arrintan.

Sidan ayanu hadalka u dhigay In early 2014 I took the decision to stop being an artist not to please anyone but for myself and more importantly to please Allah.
Today after two years that certain people decide to put out a song-record I recorded couple of years ago is very shameful and it seems that they have plenty of time on their hands.
What’s more saddening in this case is that people are so ready to be judgmental and curse me for something they don’t know.
If I would ever decide to be an artist again, you wouldn’t see it on someone else Facebook but rather from my own page.
So word of advise people, in the future please find out the facts before jumping to any conclusions!
By the way cursing and judging others doesn’t serve any purpose other then distracting one from their own weakness but kind words and prayers are accepted by Allah and also sign of mercy for others.
Abdifatah Ahmed