Safiirka Somalia Ee Kenya Oo Uga Digay Somalida In Aqoonsi La`aan Ku Maraan Kenya


Mr. ameerika
iftineducation.com – Somali Ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Ali America has sent a warning to Somali immigrants without legal papers to keep off the streets of Kenya capital, Nairobi.
The ambassador who addressed Somalis in Kenya on Kenyan televisions alerted Somalis not to walk in the city without identity cards since the Kenyan government has embarked on a merciless crackdown on Somalis following alshabab’s hollow threats to attack Kenya.
Ambassador Mohamed Ali said, “Somali citizens should have identity cards while walking in big cities in Kenyan like the capital, Nairobi”
Kenyan government doesn’t want Somali citizens to organize violence in their country, the ambassador added.
Suspicion against Somali nationals in Kenya has heightened following a fierce clash between Somali based terror group alshabab and Ethiopian forces at border town Bula Hawa which has spilled into Kenya.

Wax Yar Akhri Wax Badan Ogoow
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